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Wakeboarding Melanie Tan Singapore

“One of the best experiences in my life!!! Melanie is a very patient and professional instructor, she taught me how to feel my body and balance on the board”

Coffee Barista Carlos Lastres Hangzhou

“This is the beeeeeest coffee time ever!!Strongly recommend you to book the trip! Because you are not only drinking coffee but….”

Photographer Po Chun Cheng Hangzhou

He is super lovely, have the patience to help us take pictures, eat foods and portrait painting, a very pleasant journey.

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Carlos Lastres · Project Manager

USD 16 ·  1 hour ·  Hangzhou

Tiff-踢夫 · Freelance worker

USD 10 ·  2 hours ·  Taipei

Leo 力歐 · Athlete, Gymnast, Life guard, Diver, Foodie

USD 9 ·  6 hours ·  New Taipei

Gabo von Dackel · Entrepreneur

USD 1 ·  3 hours ·  Taipei

Yves. · Freelance Translator, Stylist, Art Director and Tutor

USD 10 ·  2 hours ·  Taipei

Audrey · College Student

USD 9 ·  3 hours ·  Taipei

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